Monday, May 23, 2011

Winners of the Blog Hop: Tour Around the World - Trip to Paradise

Well, I have to say that this was a very difficult a good way.  Due to the overwhelming response, it was decided that 10 winners will be drawn, instead of five that were originally announced.  Still, it saddens me that we were not able to give all of the participants a free copy of the eBooks.  However, there will be more opportunities to participate and possibly win in future Blog Hops.  We have more planned, so stay tuned!!!

On to the reason for this announce the lucky winners of a complete bundle of eBooks which include, "The Gift of Joy" "Second Chances" and "The Gifts".  Thank you for joining us and having fun on our little trip to help you escape into Paradise.  I freely admit that I took the tour at least twice myself, although I didn't cheat and enter the contest...although I was sorely tempted.

1. Theresa@FadeIntoFantasy
2. landSsmom
3. Leanne107
4. Toni
5. mmbourassa
6. Katrina W
7. Inga
8. Lindsey Hutchinsen
9. Reanna
10. Melissa

You will receive an email requesting your desired format.  As always, your email will be concealed at this point and will not be used for any other purpose but to contact you about the contest.  CONGRATS!!



  1. thank you so much this was fun and i enjoyed it so much. congrats to all the winners

  2. Yay! Thank you! I can't wait to read them :)

  3. Congrats Ladies!!!
    An email has been sent to you regarding your eBooks. Can't wait to hear back from you. Woot!

  4. :O) whoooo hoooo Thanks so much !!! Cant wait to read them ;) Congrads to everyone !! the round the world trip was great !!!


  5. Been having the worst time today trying to comment on's to another try. Thanks for the great blog hop. I'm excited to read these books.

    p.s. my email won't reply to you. Tried 2x returned both times. Just odd!

  6. Yaaay! Toni is here! I was beginning to wonder where you'd gone. If you have Kindle/Kindle PC, let me know and I can get the books to you ASAP!!!

  7. yay^^ Thank you so much!!

  8. Thanks for emailing me back earlier. The email still didn't want to work. Even though frustrating, I'm still so excited!! I have a Kindle and I can be reached thru Amazon via steinerid ( My gmail should work too!! Thanks again for a great trip. Worldwide travel is the best!!

  9. Crap - not steinerid....just steiners. I'm so used to using my gmail, I got confused for a moment!!! Sorry for the confusion