Monday has been officially declared "Match-Up Monday" by Indie Authors Unite (IAU).  What is this "Match-Up Monday" you speak of, you ask.  Well, it's child's play.  Some of the greatest and most wonderful Indie Authors you'll ever meet have agreed to donate an ebook for the winner of the contest.

Q. How does this work?
A. The lucky winners will have the chance to win each book from all of the participating Authors on Match-Up Monday by getting all of the clues and titles to match the correct Authors.

Q. What if there are multiple readers with the correct answer(s)?
A. There are several things that can happen:
  • The readers with all of the correct answers to the clues will be picked randomly by an independent source selected by the moderator.  (ie: Clue #1 = first reader drawn, etc.)  Note: It is possible for a single winner to win all or multiple books or none, depending if they are selected or not.
  • If no one answers all the clues correctly, but have some of them correct there will be a "tie-breaker." This will be performed by an independent source, selected by the moderator. The process will be the same as listed above.
  • If multiple readers only answer one clue correctly, this is the scenario.
    • If you only answer one correct and no one else answers it correctly, you are the winner of that book.
Q. Will there be other chances for us to win free ebooksif we don't win this time?
A. Yes.  We will be holding a "Match-Up Monday" event every week.

Q. What if I only read Romance or Young Adult?
A. There is no rhyme or reason to our madness.  Check back often because the genre is contingent on the participating Indie Authors.

Q. If I've already won books from previous contests, can I still participate?
A. We ask that you not participate for at least 2 weeks to give other readers an opportunity to win.  Because this is a new contest, the rules are subject to change so please check back often for any modifications.

Oh, and one more thing.  Don't forget to tell your friends to join in on the fun.  There are plenty of Authors and books to enjoy.  But if you are not the winner and still want to read that ebook, feel free to visit the IAU Bookshelf.  The prices are reasonable and you won't be disappointed.  Good Luck!!!