Wednesday has been officially declared "What would happen if... Wednesday"  What does this mean?  It means we get to have some more fun, with words this time.  As a writer, we're constantly wondering "what if."  It's these snippets of thoughts that creates an entire story.  Some people call us nosy...I like to think we're inquisitive.  Po-ta-to / Po-tat-o  Let's not split hairs here.

Q. So how does it work?
A. Each Wednesday we'll select a phrase or short paragraph and YOU, the reader, will have to fill in the blanks and create your own scenario based on the topic.

Q. Am I required to be serious or can I have fun with it and be creative?
A. Be creative.  There's nothing more interesting than a pregnant alien invading the donut shop...

Q. What's in it for me?
A. Fun.  Good, clean fun.  You get to exercise your brain muscles and make a few people laugh ~or shake their head~

Q. Can I add on to a story that was posted before me or should I make up my own story?
A. This is also "Willy-Nilly Wednesday"  Do whatever you want.  Just have fun with it.  If you want to add on to another scenario, do it.  It could make for interesting reading.

So, now that we've established the criteria I'd like to add that there are no rules, except no criticizing each other or being vulgar of perverse.  We want to have fun...not wonder if we should do a wellness check and have you Baker Acted.  Let's have some fun!!!