Friday - Saturday

I gave this a lot of thought.  Hmmm...What to do on Friday?  Some things have already been done, like "No Pants Friday" or "Freaky Friday" or...You get the point.  Besides, you don't want to see any of us traipsing around in our "Birthday" suit.  That could be...plain 'ole <ug-ah-lee>.

So I decided that I'll declare Friday at IAU, "Fun or WTF Friday."  This is the day where there's no holds barred ~in all fun and games, of course.~  This isn't a brawlfest or a bitch session, this is a day to share a joke or a strange, bizarre tale or tell us what you're planning for the weekend or cool places to visit, great ebooks to read, etc.

Today is a "No Work Day" and we want you to kick back, grab a glass or bottle of your favorite beverage and mingle.  If a fight should break out, my bouncer ~pointing to huge, bulking man in the corner~ Guido will not so kindly toss you out on your arse. 

So I'll start.  I'm not going to read.  I'm not going to write.  I'm going to kick back with my glass of wine and make as much noise as I possibly can.  BTW, I like being annoying at times.  If you don't believe me, click on the link below.  Now, what are you doing?


  1. Oops! I forgot to add the "Comment" link. Now, have at it...

  2. Don't Chaca just love it when Dad plays Ninja!

    Fail a drug test? Why not try and bribe your way out of it with what else DRUGS!

  3. Wow! Stupid people. I don't whether to laugh or shake my head. But as ususal, I'm stuck like this...~blank stare~ LMAO

  4. pirateprincessMarch 11, 2011

    So here's my post Valerie... It's friday! There are some smokin hot girls up in here and we need to get this party started!! Which is why I say 'shake it like a salt shaker'! I hope everyone here is feeling magically delicious today! Have an awesomeness night and yes this place ROCKS!!

  5. “Humanity’s a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there.” – Pratchett. Whoops, I just noticed the bouncer. Think he'd mind my stealing his lines?
    Seriously, I'm tweeting a quote a day and asking people to identify the quote and context. Answers on my blog on Thursday afternoons.

  6. Sue, he doesn't mind if you steal lines...just don't try to steal any of the drinks LOL