Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What would happen if...

Here's your scenario for today:  If you need instructions, please look at the "Wednesday" tab in the left column.  Good luck and let's have some fun....

What would happen could have dinner with your favorite person?  What would you eat and what would you talk about?

Randomness:  I'm a BIG Black Eyed Peas Fan


  1. My mother pulls out her cellphone again, looks at the display. "I sent your daughter one of those pay-per-use phones. It only has text messaging. But you know she hates talking on the phone."

    Mom glances at me briefly before she drops her head, tapping her thumbs on the keypad. My mother, always the modern one.

    I shove a bite of steak in my mouth to busy my tongue which wants to go off on her. Mealtime is a special time for those at the table, not for some person in a far off place. Who cares the someone is my daughter. It's my time. I smack my hand on the table. "When I was younger, you would have had a fit if I'd answered the phone during dinner."

    Mom smiles. "I know. I'm almost done. She said she's loving Monterey."

    //Ah... Monterey, California. The memories... the weather... the food. My heart belongs to you.// "Ask her if she's gotten a chance to visit the Mexican cafe that serves the giant burritos to order. They wrap it for you while you watch. It's just down the hill from the schools she's attending."

    My mother's thumbs go into hyper-speed, a wide grin forming on her face.

  2. Since I'd be having lunch with Brad Pitt there wouldn't be much talking going on! :-D

  3. Brad Pitt is one of those guys where a smile transforms him into killer gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. I'm going to go look at him smile now. Thank you very much.

  4. Hey Sibel, I don't remember me OR Brad inviting you into our "fantasy" LOL...GET OUT

  5. Your conversation is beautiful, Reena!

    NO, VAL! I got him first! :)

  6. Ralph Macchio is coming over for dinner tonight. We are going to kick back with some pepperoni pizza and a bottle of Chianti and discuss his winning strategy for DWTS. Afterwards, he is going to show me his moves.

  7. While Val and Sibel and all you other young inexperienced things fight over Brad. He slips away with me.

  8. "I made your favorite. Hope you like it?"
    I don't know why I was so nervous but I was.My hand shook has I place the wine glasses on the table.
    "When have I ever not liked you cooking?"
    "Yes, I guess your right. It's just today is special."
    I looked over at him when he turned to look at out the window. I thought.. How many years has it been? His hair has thinned some and now had more gray then brown.
    I giggled and he immediately turned back and smiled.
    I knew I needed to explain.
    "I was thinking how we have grown old together. Even though today it's been eighteen years, and we've turn gray headed, it hasn't been long enough."
    His smiled deeped as he moved over to me and pulled her into his arms.
    "Have I told you today as I shoud be telling you every day. The old saying 'Ilove you more today then the day we married' it's so true for me. No man has ever nbeen as fortuniate than me to have such a loving wife as you"

  9. Valerie and Sibel finally ban together and come up with a plan to get their man ~Brad Pitt~ back from Betty. They hobble over with their canes with the stealth of two cobbled mules.

    Valerie gives Sibel a leg up at the fence. Sibel goes over with a splat and breaks her fragile hip *because she's old now*

    "Oops," Valerie says in way of an apology, but secretly snickers because that means Sibel is officially out of the competition they've harbored for 18 years. "Don't move, I'll go get help."

    Valerie sneaks over to the house looming ahead. She sees Betty through the window. She taps on it to get Betty's attention. Of course Betty is too nosey not to come out to investigate.

    Once she comes outside, Valerie clobbers her over the head and sneaks into the house where Brad Pitt is waiting.

    Meanwhile, Betty awakens and suffers amnesia and Sibel is fending off the guard dogs that are patrolling the yard.


  10. @msthriller ~ Shouldn't "moves" be in quotes? haha I'm just saying.

  11. OMG... you guys are hilarious. I would love to see a feud over BP after 18 years.

  12. Ralph shows me his "moves". And he has some great ones.

  13. I'd ask Ralph to share his Elixir from the Fountain of Youth and would he please go outside and wash my car.

  14. Valerie will purchase the remainder of the elixir from Dana and pours it into a snifter for her and Brad to drink.

    "Cheers," they both say as they begin to drink.

    Within moments, both Valerie and Brad are reformed to their former "beautiful, young selves" and can't wait to explore the changes behind closed doors.

    ~This is the part where everyone has to leave~

  15. I don't think so Valerie. This is erotica. And we're all about seeing Brad's "moves."

  16. LOL...Reena, you are soooo nosey. And it's not Brad's "moves" I'm keeping a secret. I don't want you ladies learning anything and using it against me by trying to steal my Brad back from me after I finally knocked Betty into oblivion, broke Sibel's hip and convinced Dana I was going to use the elixir for good and not evil ~wink~

  17. Alright! *cracks knuckles* Just what do you ladies think you're doing with MY Brad? *shows off a few ninja moves* (Whoa something else cracked) *Pretends to be as limber as she was 20 years ago* Ya'll don't want none of this!

    C'mere Brad, I have more moves where those came from. *Pulls the very exhausted and frightened Brad by the tie* But first I need pie. Banana cream with lots of whip. ;) ....(and some Bengay) =/

  18. Elirey eats her desert. then m oves toward brad so he can have his. (desert that is)She locks lips with him and Brad startes to cry likie a baby.

    "What's the matter sweet thing? You and I are going to have some real fun."

    Brad hic cups. "Ok, can my mommy play too?"

    Wondering if made he is even a little to kinky for Eirtay stamps her foot and snaps. "No She can't play."

    That sets Brad off crying and screaming. "I what my mommy. I want my mommy!"

    "Wait a minute." She realizes what happened. "VAl is so vain she won't wear her glasses. Grrrr." She gave Brad the wrong dose of the elixer and turn poor Brad in to a three year old.

  19. LOL...Good one Betty. I guess we all have to leave him alone for a few more years or we'll go to jail. I can wait 15 years. How about you?