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Some things just merit mentioning twice...

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There is a small, but growing group of independent authors forming connections through the wonderful world of the internet. A short while ago, when the news and images of the Japanese earthquake found its way into our homes, we watched bodies being recovered. We watched homes being swept away. Some of us shed tears, some were stunned, but we all wanted to do *something*, anything, something.... We wanted to reach out, to help.

But we're not wealthy, we're not trained in search, rescue or other emergency services. We have families and jobs that we can't just leave...

But we can write.
We are a group of talented writers and some of us have donated our words, some have donated time, some have donated editing skills, and we are pulling together an ebook of our work. While doing this we realised that although Japan was the trigger and the inspiration, we wanted to establish an ongoing project to aid disaster relief and aid across the globe - so proceeds from sales of this project will be offered to Medecins Sans Frontieres, (Doctors Without Borders) to support the work they do.

"With Love" is an anthology of an eclectic mix of short stories and will be released through Amazon Kindle and through Smashwords in all ebook formats, by March 25th.

After that, who knows... There are murmurings about a second volume and then possibly more.

Who Are We?
Project Managers:
Sarah Barnard


Meet the Authors:

"Hands and Knees" by Matt Posner
Matt Posner teaches high school in Brooklyn, NY. He has MA and MFA in creative writing from Florida State University and University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.

Matt is the author of several books for Kindle. School of the Ages:  The Ghost in the Crystal is about a magic school in New York City:  your NEW favorite magic school, a multicultural melting pot where the ghost of an ancient heretic stalks thirteen-year-old Simon Magus, and he and his friends must travel in time to ancient Alexandria, Egypt in their struggle to get rid of… The Ghost in the Crystal. Vampire Poet features poetry written for Matt's musical group The Exploration Project as well as over two dozen fine black-and-white photos. Ghost in the Crystal is also available as a CreateSpace paperback at Coming soon, Book II of the five-book sequence, School of the Ages:  Level Three's Dream!

Matt is fan-friendly and wants to hear from his readers. Contact Matt at and at his Facebook fan page "School of the Ages Series." Learn more about The Exploration Project at or on Facebook.


"The Day the Earth Shook" by Junying Kirk
This story is dedicated to all who died in Sichuan (2008) and Japan Earthquakes (2011). May you all rest in peace!

Junying Kirk is the author of The Same Moon (Book 1 of Trilogy: Journey to the West.), available at Amazon Kindle: (USA);

Trials of Life (Book 2) will be published in Kindle in April 2011.

More details about the author can be found on @


"Armageddon" by J.E. Taylor
2010 © by J.E. Taylor

J.E. Taylor is a writer, an editor, a manuscript formatter, a mother, a wife and a business analyst. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children and during the summer months enjoys her weekends on the shore in southern Maine.

Please visit her at


"A Tooth Fairy Tale for Tooth Changing Age" by Mira Kolar-Brown
Mira Kolar-Brown is the author of the Simon Grant Mysteries series

HIDING THE ELEPHANT and its sequel LOCK UP YOUR DUGHTERS and a couple of stories for children


"The Occupier" by Tim Ellis
Bio: Tim Ellis writes fiction in numerous genres. He has published nine novels, and a collection of short stories.


"Kismet" by Sibel Hodge
Sibel Hodge writes romantic comedies and chicklit mysteries. Her previous novels have been
shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Prize 2008, Highly Commended by The Yeovil Literary Prize
2009, and nominated for Best Novel with Romantic Elements 2010 by The Romance Reviews.

Her website is


"Hurting the One He Loved" by Sydney S. Song
Sydney S. Song writes novels based on real people’s sagas with poetic license attached; some of her stories are even historical fiction.  All her titles are for sale @; some of her books are, also, on Most of her novels are in paperback or e-book format.  In The Choice, the main characters cope with the realities facing their love life after HIV. The Vision follows a legally blind girl as she triumphs from a dysfunctional family and hard beginning to a better (not bitter) life.  She gains physical vision due to landmark surgery and insight due to the ‘school of hard knocks.’  Race Against Time is based on a true person’s encounters with racism during and after desegregation. Surreal- The Hell in the Family is a really warped love story with many things going awry ending in a murder or two.


"Creole and Carnations" by Kristy Wilcox
Kristy Wilcox is a writer, baker, gardener and mechanic.  She’s been writing stories since she was four years old and still has a slightly disconcerting habit of scribbling on any blank surface if the mood takes her and reading anything that comes within reach.  She has completed the Nanowrimo competition six years running, has had numerous articles published in a variety of magazines and is currently trying to decide which of three almost completed novels she should be editing.  She currently dwells somewhere in Yorkshire with four young children, four spoilt chickens, a hard-working bloke, an ever-growing yarn stash and nearly a
thousand books.


"Afternoon Traffic Jam" by W.T. Hughes
W.T Hughes lives in Akron Ohio and specializes in short stories primarily in the horror genre.  To find out more about him and his works visit his website at or purchase my short stories on smashwords in any format


"A Mother's Tale of Fear" by Julie Titus
About the author: J. A. Titus is the author of The Kindness of Strangers, From Heaven and The Last Curl. She has several other short stories and poems published in various places. Her website is or you can LIKE her author page on Facebook at


"EXTINCT" by Kate Bowyer
Author Bio: My name is Kate Bowyer and I write thriller and horror books. Currently, I'm locked away in my attic writing furiously on my book Isolation, to be released in the Spring of 2011. I also release flash fiction quite regularly, so come by my site to read more from me.


"THE GAME" by Alex Knight
Alex Knight is a Canadian author who enjoys writing about murder, horror, humor and romance, combining all four whenever possible. She is a regular contributor at The Eerie Digest - Learn more at


"Homeless" by Lia Fairchild.
Lia Fairchild is a native Californian and avid reader. Writing is something she has wanted to do all her life, so the completion of her first novel, "In Search of Lucy," is truly satisfying. She holds a B.A. degree in Journalism as well as a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Her most enjoyable moments are spent with her family, traveling, spending time outdoors or simply being together.

"Alexis’ Story" by Jeremy Aldana
About the Author:  Jeremy Aldana  My Blog: No More Fear

"A Chemical Mystery" by Pad.A
Pad.A is a Creative writing graduate who will be publishing his first two books 'UTOPIA maybe' ( A philosophical study of an island where everything is 'perfect' )  and BARE BREASTED BRITISH ( A romantic comedy about  a man going through his mid life crisis and trying to regain his youth through travel ) in late 2011. Follow his blog :


"Who's There?" by Kristina Jackson
Author of Feathers, anthology of light feel good stories


"Guitar God Numero Uno" by Susan Helene Gottfried
A tone-deaf rocker at heart, Susan worked in retail record stores, in radio stations, as stage crew, and as a promoter while earning two college degrees in creative writing.  Drop in at Susan's online world:


The With Love Project began as an idea, squeaked out by a mouse of a voice into a cavern of warm hearts and listening ears. The idea was inspired by the events in Japan but has grown from there. All of the work for the book has been done for free to help Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) address various crisis situations around the world. All of the money generated from the sales of this book will provide for the people, families and needs of the individuals these doctors touch each day. The book has been released in record time.

Without the help of some incredible people, this would not have been possible. Starting with the cover, Chris Murphy on twitter @ChrisTheJeweler donated the incredible art. His photograph was taken from a collection you are able to locate here: His generous gift was then forwarded to Jason Dodge on twitter @JasonEdits who did the work that turned the photograph into a cover for the book. His editing services and cover work can be obtained by contacting him at With the help of these two kind hearted men, the book has a face to show the world.

The authors who have created the pages are all independent writers building a career with their artistic ability. Each of the incredible and vivid short stories within these pages are donated. The authors took time from their current projects to help others in need. Each person, story and life affected by tragedy around the world, moved these writers to action. What you have purchased is the love of these writers and the creative spirit they share and will continue to share to help others. It is our hope and goal that you will find each of the stories as incredible and interesting as the people who wrote them. Together, all of us are united for the cause of humanity and supporting others around the world. Although I was the first person to voice the idea, it was the warm reception by those involved that made it possible. Thank you for your purchase and thank you for helping the wonderful work being done by Medecins Sans Frontieres.

I hope you find the book as enjoyable to read as I did to help pull together.

Catrina Taylor
Author and Freelance Writer

Publisher: Ethics Trading
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  1. Thanks Val!
    With Love is available in all ebook formats through, or on Kindle through any Amazon site.
    The profits from every sale will be going to MSF.

  2. What a incredible project. Will post on my blog and tweet this worthwhile endeavor.