Friday, September 9, 2011


Who is Larry Enright?  We all know the blah-bity-blah stuff, but do you REALLY know Larry?  Well, I'm going to spill the beans.  Yeah, you can always go and read his Bio to learn all the things he wants you to know, however these are the things he doesn't want you to know to tarnish his "polished" persona.


1. In August, he officially decided to join the ranks of the unemployed and become a beach bum.

2. After his decision to "retire" was reached, this brought down the beginning of the Apocalypse...earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, etc.

3. He brings in extra cash, to supplement his income, as a hair model.

4. One of his retirement aspirations is to write music and play in a Rock Band.

5. Another tidbit I've learned about Larry: Since retirement, he's become a party animal.  Or to quote him, "Par-tay" animal.

6. He recently confessed, since retirement, he sits around eating bon-bons and watching soaps all day.

7.  His signature dish is: Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

8. Another random bit of info you may not know about Larry.  In his earlier years, he turned down the role in the hit show "The Life of Riley" which was later played by William Bendix.

9. Larry is so old, his first E-Reader was the etch-a-sketch.

10. This just in - Larry has so many people working on his book launch he feels like the retired Shuttle Endeavor at NASA...without the photo op.

Still, we all love his generosity and humor.  In spite of all of these "little known facts" about his life, we keep him around because he writes awesome books and he's so darned cool!!

For a chance to win a copy of Larry's latest book, please leave comment about one of your funniest childhood memories.  A random participant will be drawn and will receive a free kindle e-copy to enjoy.  Also check out his Bestseller Four Years from Home


  1. When I was 5 I opened a charge account at the local Meade Drug store so I could buy my girlfriend, Margie McKinley a soda at the fountain there. This was back when everyone knew everyone so naturally they called my folks, who okay'd it for that one time and then let me have it when I got home. Funny, Margie and I weren't a thing for very long. She loved me for my sodas I guess.

    Thanks for hosting me, Val!

    All the best,


  2. True story: When I was younger, my sister and I had to go to the store for my mother. It was getting dark, but we wanted to be big girls. But on the way home we kept hearing this eerie, jingling sound. ~Chains of a ghost...murderer dragging his hooked hand behind him, you name it~ We became so frightened we started to run full speed home and the sound just increased and became more frantic and louder.

    Finally we made it home, though we never saw who or what was chasing us. Later found out it was the change in our pockets. We never told anyone because we didn't want to be called "scaredy-cats" but now we laugh about it.

  3. When I was seven I remember riding in a cab with my Mom and Dad and my Dad jokingly saying, "Where's Alex? We must have left him on the sidewalk." The cabdriver slammed on the breaks.

    Arthur Levine

  4. When I was about four I wanted a cat in the worst way. I asked my mom over and over for a cat but she told me over and over again that we had birds and that birds and cats didn't mix, so I couldn't have a cat. In frustration I told her that I was just going to pray about it then. Obviously I understood the importance of going to the top even at that age. :-)

    Mom told me while I was praying I'd best make sure that I prayed the cat wouldn't eat birds too.

    So I prayed about it (apparently). A few days later my mother heard a horrible ruckus in the field behind our house. She ran out there to see what was going on an low and behold the dog had a small calico cat pinned down out there.

    She rescued the cat, brought it into the house where it stayed for many years. Neither it nor any of its offspring ever harmed a feather on any of our birds.

  5. One good cat story deserves another, although it wasn't funny for my sister...When I was young, I always had a cat that "lived" anywhere I was, including in bed. One little kitten had a habit of curling around my neck and so one day my sister ran to my mother and said that the cat had killed me, that, surely, I wasn't breathing since it surrounded my neck and mouth. Of course I was fine, but really hated getting woken... kitty and I were having a great rest!

    I loved this article...reminds me of my years since retiring!