Friday, May 13, 2011

Featured Indie Authors

Mel Comley, Author of Crime, Mystery/Thriller

Hi, I'm a Brit living in beautiful France and I turned my hobby into my career about 9 years ago.
When I'm not writing, I enjoy being dragged around the village by my two boisterous dogs and gardening in my award winning garden.
I hope you'll enjoy Impeding Justice, a book I've sweat blood and literally tears over for the past few years. I'm currently halfway through the sequel to it and hope to have it finished in the early part of next year.
Feel free to join the Impeding Justice Fan page on facebook too!
Impeding Justice (A Lorne Simpkins thriller)  Final Justice (A Lorne Simpkins thriller)
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Barbara Brink, Author of Romance, Mystery/Suspense

When Barbara Ellen Brink made up stories as a child, adults called it lying. Now as an adult she makes up stories all the time and they call it fiction. She writes mostly suspense/mystery, and reads just about everything. She loves riding motorcycles, hiking in the woods, and spending time with her husband, grown children, and friends. She hates exercise for the sake of exercise but endures it for the sake of staying fit and healthy enough to eat chocolate while writing. Her novel "Entangled" was published in the fall of 2010 and the sequel, "Crushed," will be out in March of 2011.
Entangled (Volume 1)  Crushed (A Fredrickson Winery Novel)
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