Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What would happen if...

Here's your scenario for today:  If you need instructions, please look at the "Wednesday" tab in the left column.  Good luck and let's have some fun....

What would happen could be anybody in the world ~your favorite person, hero/heroine, inspiration~ for one day.  Who would you be and what would you do?

Randomness: I already told you that I LOVE the Black Eyed Peas


  1. As the richest man in the world I would establish a foundation for medical research like no one has ever seen before. Collecting the most brilliant minds that think outside of the so-called box, I would then create IMMA-B, the Institute for Major Medical Advancements and Betterment.

    Imagine how the world would be with innovative treatments for the common cold, cancer, HIV/AIDS. And because it would be funded through the foundation, treatment would be free and effective for everyone. Thus, hopefully, encouraging an entire generation to think globally, put capitalist greed aside and REALLY do something that would help change the face of human nature.

    It would be ultimate sacrifice -- short of giving your own life -- for the advancement of humanity, so that future generations can grow to be and do anything and anyone they wish.

    Too hokey?

  2. John, that was the nicest thing anyone could wish for. Now you make me ashamed that all I wanted to do was be Michelle Obama for a day. I think I need a more powerful position now ~hugs~

  3. I think these things are more fun if you go on the lighter side, but that's me.

    I would be Wonder Woman and I would clean my house in about five minutes. Then I'd go shopping and get everything I need and be home before lunch.

    Then I'd jump out to LA and put my rope of truth on Charlie Sheen and see what the truth is all about there.

    Then I'd be back in time for lunch with the family. I'd be cooking something really good. Surely Wonder Woman can cook.

    Then I'd be back to just me in time to play x box with hubby and the pups.


  4. Sam, with all that flying around you'll want to hit the sack after you were done LOL