Sunday, April 17, 2011

Featured Author - Jeffrey Pierce

Jeffrey Pierce, Author of Epic Fantasy Series

Who is Jeffrey Pierce?
Jeffrey Pierce is a study in contradictions. He's a pacifist who fully embraces his warrior nature, a traditionally trained shaman who studied for the clergy, and as at home with a backpack and days of trail behind him as he is with a controller and his Xbox. Living in his native Oregon with his wife, children, and their cat from another planet, he stays in shape by pushing the family minivan around their neighborhood and doing daily combat drills with a full-size sledgehammer.

Where is Jeffrey?

Escaping Destiny (Tapestry)

Book Trailer

Find out what people are saying about "Escaping Destiny" (Tapestry) - Reviews

Coming Soon... 
The Awakening (Trailer 1) by Jeffrey Pierce


  1. An extremely interesting young man, with an interesting novel. I'll have to check this out. Thanks for sharing, Val.

  2. Linda, I have to admit that his book trailers sucked me in. Very nicely done and made me WANT to read them. Of course they're on my list.

  3. sandra hallApril 29, 2011

    i think of jeffrey as a part of my family, his books are must reads!, everyone that i have shared my book with was immediately drawn in. nothing but the highest of praises!! much love to you and yours brother mine!!