Monday, March 14, 2011

Match-Up Monday

These are your clues listed below. You must match the clue to the Author and the Author to the book. (ie: Clue #1 - Dr. Seuss - The Cat in the Hat)  Go to "Monday" tab for instructions. Happy Scavenger Hunting...

Clue #1
1) Children are dying from a man-made illness.
2) The scientific community is at a loss for how to cure it and stop its spread
3) The government believes someone hell bent on genocide is behind the mysterious illness
4) A brilliant scientist who is as deadly as she is beautiful is called in to create an antidote.
5) A mercenary who is in no mood to babysit a grown woman is called in to protect the scientist and find those responsible for the mystery illness.
6) The scientist and mercenary come to an understanding: She’s no damsel in distress, and he’s no gentleman.

Clue #2
1) She parked his truck where?
2) Mattocks-they're not just for gardening anymore
3) She gave them a redneck Cinderella fantasy
4) Home improvement tools can be a pain in the neck
5) He crowded her just that tiny bit too far

Clue #3
1) Charlie
2) New house
3) Necktie
4) Noose
5) Basement

Clue #4
1) Secret Society
2) Leaving for California
3) A bottle of partially fermented organic apple juice
4) His favorite CD "Abbey Road"
5) He communicated info like nobody else

Clue #5
1) The 60s TV series Combat! is the protagonist's favorite show
2) An Irish Catholic family's favorite son decides not to become a priest
3) A cat makes toast
4) Three keys must be identified
5) The story involves a journey in a rental Pontiac

Clue #6
1) Three women are missing--two are already dead
2) People who get close to me usually wind up dead
3) A moment in time
4) Katie O'Conner has been given a second chance on life
5) Beware the wolf1) Three women are missing--two are already dead

Clue #7
1) A famous fashion designer has gone missing
2) The cat is called Marmalade
3) What's a girl to do when she's in love with two men?
4) Crazy mobster stalkers are everywhere
5) Who says you can't mix murder and mayhem with romance and chicklit?

Clue #8
1) One of the main characters own a private jet
2) One character changed his name
3) There is a real restaurant in the book called The Carnivore
4) The protagonist lives on the west coast
5) The antagonist is very self-destructive

Clue #9
1) Yin/Yang
2) Suspicious death
3) Paramilitary training camp connection
4) Kidnapping in June
5) Wisconsin to Arizona

Clue #10
1) Serial killer attackYin/Yang
2) Mafia assassin target
3) Vision of a brutal assault
4) Cain and Abel relationship
5) Sting operation gone wrong

Clue #11
1) Nothing more to lose
2) He preyed on children
3) Back taxes owed to IRS
4) Utensils in the wrong drawer
5) She sold her house and cashed in her retirement



Libby Fischer Hellmann
Linda Prather
J.E. Taylor
S.L. Pierce
Sibel Hodge
Al Boudreau
Mark Adair
Larry Enright
McCarty Griffin
L.l. Reaper
Shana Hammaker


Book Titles (Modified for correction @ 11:26am)

1) Half-Inch
2) Four Years From Home
3) The Fashion Police
4) The Father's Child
5) The Black Widow and the Sandman
6) The Hate
7) Sacred Secrets
8) In Memory of Greed
9) Doubleback
10) Vengeance
11) Charlie


  1. Why is Sacred Secrets on the list twice?

  2. clue 1 - The Black Widow and the Sandman L.l. Reaper
    clue 2 - Half-Inch McCarty Griffin
    clue 3 - Charlie Shana Hammaker
    clue 4 - The Father's Child Mark Adair
    clue 5 - Four Years From Home Larry Enright
    clue 6 - Sacred Secrets Linda Prather
    clue 7 - The Fashion Police Sibel Hodge
    clue 8 - In Memory of Greed Al Boudreau
    clue 9 - Doubleback Libby Fischer Hellmann
    clue 10 - Vengeance J.E. Taylor
    clue 11 - The Hate S.L. Pierce

  3. @bluefrog, Good eye! Because it was 4am and I was asleep LOL...Good luck!

  4. I'm not playing today but that back taxes owed to the IRS that sounds like me.. :)

  5. Can I say Val that I'm totally impressed with how this turned out?

  6.'re the winner of 11 awesome ebooks. If you're on FB, please PM me @ Valerie Maarten and I can send you your Coupon Codes. Congrats!!!!