Monday, March 21, 2011

Match-Up Monday #2

I Love this stays in my head, so I thought I'd share.  Hope you like it too.

Now, on to the business of making some matches.  Good luck!!!

These are your clues listed below. You must match the clue to the Author and the Author to the book. (ie: Clue #1 - Dr. Seuss - The Cat in the Hat)  Go to "Monday" tab for instructions. Happy Scavenger Hunting...

Clue #1
1. Darkness is our friend.
2. It doesn't matter what type of person you are, you're always our type.
3. It isn't that easy to get rid of us.
4. We've basically seen it all and done it all.
5. We plan on sticking around for a long time.

Clue #2
1. The story is full of sacrifice, including one's organ.
2. First time author, first novel released only one month ago.
3. Get your tissues, you'll need them.
4. On the road again - these characters take a journey.
5. She is a daughter, sister, mother, friend.

Clue #3
1. The opening chapter is a dream.
2. Tares, the minotaur priest, has entered the prison for a rescue attempt.
3. Lara is a former member of a secretive guild of assassins and thieves.
4. One of the party has amnesia.
5. Slade is the former Crown Prince of Vestland.

Clue #4
1. Escape was through the old oak tree, but so was the leaving.
2. The whole thing takes less than 5 months.
3. In the end, she couldn't bring herself to kill him, despite what he'd done to her.
4. The working title is hidden within the story.
5. She was adopted as a newborn baby but her birth mother is close by and still watches over her.

Clue #5
1. Daughter sets out to prove her father's innocence.
2. Detective working on the case has a vested interest in catching the killer.
3. Wrong man was convicted of the murder.
4. Brother of the first murdered girl names his chain of hotels after her.
5. Mother covered for her son's murderous past.



1. Alex Knight
2. L.C. Evans
3. Lia Fairchild
4. Mel Comley
5. Sarah Barnard
6. Tracey Alley
7. Valerie Maarten


Book Titles

1. Erich's Plea
2. Final Justice
3. In Search of Lucy
4. Second Chances
5. The Portal Between
6. The Witness Wore Blood Bay
7. What Luck!


  1. Come on can't be that hard. What's up with that?

  2. Clue #1 Alex Knight - What Luck
    Clue #2 Lia Fairchild - IN Search of Lucy
    Clue #3 Tracey Allen - Erich's Plea
    Clue #4 Sarah Benard - The Portal Between

  3. Clue #1 Alex Knight - What Luck
    Clue #2 Lia Fairchild - IN Search of Lucy
    Clue #3 Tracey Allen - Erich's Plea
    Clue #4 Sarah Benard - The Portal Between
    Clue #5 Mel Comley - Final Justice

    Sorry for to type in the last one.

  4. Oooh! Ladybug, you're good at this. 4 out of 5 correct...You're almost the winner of all books if no one else wants to play with us. Go! Go! Go!

  5. Woo Hoo!!! That's awesome!!!

  6. @Ladybug, you ROCK M'dear. You have this thing licked <3

  7. That is super cool! I am so thrilled!

    Stephanie (ladybug)
    ladybug07999 at yahoo dot com

  8. Gotcha!!!
    And you should be thrilled, you've won some great books. Thanks for playing with us <3

  9. Congrats Ladybug! I hope you enjoy your books.

  10. Thanks Alex! I hope to enjoy them as well!