Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Indie Authors Unite welcomes you to the blogspot for "grown-ups"

Although IAU is still in it's infant stage of development, it is growing in leaps and bounds...which is great news for you!  The more we grow the more selections you'll be able to choose from for great books from YA, PNR, Romance (every genre from sweet to naughty) to Mystery/Thriller/Suspense or any combination thereof, we've got it.

So, don't forget to visit the IAU Bookshelf before you leave.  Happy Reading......


  1. Ready, set, GO! Looking forward to the development of this blog.

  2. It looks amazing!
    Sylvia Lucy Millar

  3. Nothing is more quirky and funny to me than real life. I'm often asked why I write dark murder mysteries. Well, let's take last week at work--I'm a court reporter.
    Day 1: Plaintiff sues Defendant for sexual harrassment. Defendant is an attractive older lady with her own home and a thriving business. Plaintiff is a drug addict that is filing bankruptcy that says Defendant fired him because he wouldn't date her. Well--not from my point of view--icky.
    Day 2: Plaintiff during the commission of a late night, early morning burglary was shot by Defendant in the defense of his home, and life. Plaintiff having served his time in jail for burlary has now sued Defendant for injuries related to the gun shot wound. DUH!!!!!!!!!
    Day 3: Plaintiff stole (according to Defendant) a truck load of merchandise and took it to sale. Defendant called them and told them to bring the merchandise back or he would call the law. Plaintiff returned said merchandise after allegedly destroying Defendant's truck. Plaintiff has sued for expenses related to their fuel, motel and other charges in their attempt to sale said stolen merchandise.

    I don't know what next week will bring--but I need a drink, and to write another mystery where I can kill somebody slowly, painfully and frustratedly.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I hope the plaintiffs in all three cases at least had to pay court costs! These strike me as lawyers way out of control.

  5. Lol...Linda, my days are tame in comparison. Funny stuff

  6. McCarty GriffinMarch 12, 2011

    Clients like that are what made me go inactive on my law license and try out writing instead. Definitely more control.

  7. Great blog! Looking forward to the updates :)

    Jemima x

  8. wonderfully thought out blog looking forward to it's updates

  9. Excited about becoming involved! My first book is casting for a movie production this summer. Woohoo! Looking foward to meeting other wonderful authors!

  10. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    Hi. Just got my debut novel The Secret published on Amazon Kindle UK and US. I'm really new to all this and would love for anyone to give me advice on how best to promote myself and my book. I'm active on all the Kindle forum threads and I'm doing interviews today for a couple of local newspapers. Look forward to meeting other indie athors on here. I do already know Seb Kirby from UK Kindle forums, and have read his brilliant book, Take No More. He seems to be doing very well. Cheers
    Jan Warburton

  11. Awesome blog! So glad I found this site. ;-)


    Sherry Soule Author Website